Tom is a Scottish landscape and seascape painter, whose thoughtful and romantic work captures the Scottish landscape in a raw, natural way, depicting the light, climate and beauty of his home with authenticity and power.

Tom’s inspiration comes from a lifelong interest in art and art history coupled with his love of the great outdoors, particularly the sea, the coastal way of life, and of rivers and fishing. He always paints locations which he knows well or has visited personally and which have affected him emotionally. The appeal could come from the atmosphere, the weather and the light, his own mood, the people he is with…and he tends to be drawn back to the same places time and again. This gives Tom a deep understanding of a place, and he has forged many close relationships with his subjects over the years.

Tom travels regularly to paint, working ‘en plein air’ and gathering source material in the form of painted studies and photographs. These trips often reveal an unexpected or particularly beautiful view, the beginning of an idea for a series, or just the perfect composition for a painting. He has a host of favourite locations across the islands and coastlines of Scotland, and when he is working on a series of paintings he tends to set up home there for a time to absorb the atmosphere and sense of place.

He paints in oils on canvas ‘alla prima’ (Italian for ‘first attempt’) with a loose impasto technique by which layers of wet paint are applied directly over each other. This is a fast and spontaneous way of working which allows paint to be mixed, applied and worked together on the canvas whilst still wet, giving interesting and dramatic effects, and he creates each work individually over one lengthy sitting.

A self-taught artist, Tom studied design at university had a successful career for over 20 years with Conran associates in Covent Garden and then running his own design consultancy. His current studio is located in Perthshire, and his work has been exhibited at many mainstream art shows and exhibitions. He has an impressive coterie of private collectors including actress and comedienne.

Dorothy Paul, actors Denis Lawson and Jennifer Black, and the Late Sir James Kaiser. He is also co-founder, trustee and treasurer of the charity Strathearn Artspace.