Hayley Goodhead - Designer Friends

HAYLEY GOODHEAD’S STYLISH AND STYLISED ANIMAL IMAGES ARE INSPIRED BY ALL THINGS CONTEMPORARY... ...popular culture, the colours and patterns of the fashion world, and, in her latest outing, the cult of the big name designer brand. Her vibrant new release, offers an amusing and affectionate tribute both to the animals she loves, and to two of her favourite fashion icons, Paul Smith and Gucci. This new collection displays all the characteristics that have won Hayley such a dedicated following in recent years. The bold palette, appealing realist style, humour and of course the utterly unexpected, have once again combined to create something very special: an extravaganza of spots and stripes that offers a witty and distinctive take on contemporary cultural life. Prices throughout this brochure are correct at the time of release. D E S I G N E R