Eggleton DM

Kruger National Park in South Africa, is one of the continent’s largest and most spectacular game reserves. To many of us, Kruger sounds like the dream destination for the holiday of a lifetime, but for artist Darryn Eggleton, it was his childhood home. Unsurprisingly Darryn grew up with a passion for the natural world, particularly for the big cats which roamed the area around his home, and this comes across in his new collection. Over the years he has refined his skill and technique to a point where the texture and patterns of the fur are recreated in vivid colours and with a stunning level of authenticity. His distinctive statement pieces take their subject out of their natural habitat, placing it against a striking single colour backdrop which brings each beautifully described animal into sharp and immediate relief, and creates a hypnotic and lifelike presence - dramatic examples of photo-realism with a contemporary twist.