Lou Sheldon


Lou Sheldon is an Australian-based artist whose beautiful mixed media paintings offer an intuitive interpretation of the landscape. Her spontaneity and energy inform every brushstroke, and each impressionistic or abstract piece carries a strong but subtle impact.

Lou deliberately eschews structure in favour of a more painterly style, inviting the viewer to roam freely across the painting and bring their own experience to what they see. Her bold, textured works are created in a combination of media including oils, oil pastels and gold leaf on canvas and linen.

Vibrant yet peaceful, Lou’s landscape pieces portray those places where she can be isolated, away from the chaos of city life, and the colour, composition and style betray her lifelong passion for the French Impressionists. Often these landscapes evolve naturally into abstracted versions of themselves, and with these works, she chooses to explore shape and form to create - and then solve – what she describes as ‘an aesthetically pleasing puzzle’.

Lou studied drawing and painting, including a ‘Visual Arts’ element in her BA, and after a short time spent living in LA, set up her own studio back home in Melbourne. Her impressionist landscapes and abstract works are sold to private homes and businesses all over the world and she has undertaken commissions as far afield as Dubai. Her work has been well received in European venues including the Monat Gallery in Madrid and The Basilica of Sant' Ambogio in Milan.