Antonio Sannino Introducing 'Fragment of Light'

Introducing 'Fragment of Light'


Born in Naples in 1959, Sannino studied art the old fashioned way, tracing the footsteps of the Italian masters across Europe, absorbing their art, their home, and their legacy. But while his knowledge is rooted in history, his technique and execution speak to modernity.  He uses his camera to catch the perfect fragment of light in that moment when everything seems to be frozen and timeless then reliases his vision in oils on alumium. His first UK limited edition has translated his vision seamlessly by using dye sublimation on aluminium – a surface chosen for its subtle shimmer. This innovative technique subjects solid dyes to extreme heat, causing them to vaporise and permeate a surface before they return to solid form. Because the colour infuses the aluminium, the finished piece has superbly vibrant hues and a lustrous finish which seems to reflect light back out into the world.

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