BNS Introducing charismatic street artist

Introducing charismatic street artist


Witty, ingenious and utterly original, these multi layered mixed media works merge iconic characters and bold ideas to create a whole new perspective on beauty and fame in the modern world.

The high-octane street art of BNS takes the most iconic faces of our time out of their comfort zones and catapults them into a world where nothing is what they, or we, expect. His company of bespoke-suited Storm troopers or a tatted-out Audrey Hepburn overturn the familiar tropes of popular culture, merging characters and ideas in a way that is creative, charismatic and completely original. Within this frenzied burst of colour, ingenuity and dry humour, BNS invites us to re-examine our perspective on beauty and fame in a contemporary world where media and communication connects us all far more closely than we realise.

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